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Tango G3

The energy-saving Philips Tango G3 LED Floodlight is the ideal solution for a wide range of Area lighting applications. It incorporates the LED light source, optical system, heat sink and driver into one compact and robust housing that meets globally recognised safety standards. Its specially designed heat sink incorporates aesthetics and functionality to ensure excellent reliability. Powered by LED technology, this luminaire delivers superior performance and a longer lifetime, bringing area lighting to a whole new level.


  • System efficacy reaches up-to 120lm/w, which generates more than 50% in energy savings compared to conventional floodlights. Dimmable feature delivers added power efficiency – light areas when you need to.
  • Lifetime reaches 50,000 hours at L70.
  • Tool less opening reduces installation and maintenance time, increase the working efficiency and good user experience.
  • Optical beam choices (symmetric wide and asymmetric medium) fulfils majority of lighting application needs.
  • Along with the 15KV/KA surge protection, the non-corrosive die-cast aluminium housing and steel bracket provide adequate support when the luminaire is installed in harsh environments


  • More energy savings
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent reliability
Techical Info
Mech. Impact Protection Code IK08
Ingress Protection Code IP20
Optical Cover/Lens Type Opal
Polycarbonate micro lens optic
Color Aluminium and Gray
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