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ST950 Intersection Controller

The ST950 is the latest in a long line of highly successful intersection controllers from Siemens. Building on more than 30 years of microprocessor based traffic controller design, the ST950 family offers both familiarity and many exciting new user and maintenance features. With integrated UTMC and MOVA functionality it offers great flexibility, providing Intersection, Pelican, Puffin and Toucan methods of control, at both LV (230V) and ELV (40V, 42V and 48V) output drive level options.

The controller family is compatible with the whole range of Siemens street- furniture, including Helios CLS LED traffic signals, LED nearside signals and LED wait indicators, which all offer significant power and cost savings compared with conventional incandescent solutions.

Easy To Use User Interfaces

To simplify user interaction with the controller, the ST950 provides an extensive web browser interface which
is accessible either locally or remotely. Offering a consistent style and where appropriate consistent functionality with the free standing GEMINI UTMC OTU, this interface is able to be accessed locally via a USB port on the controller CPU, via Ethernet (if a communications router is provided) or via a simple plug-in Wi-Fi interface module.

Modular Construction

Three main construction options are available, which are modular and can be expanded to meet the needs of a wide range of intersection applications.

Enhanced Safety Features

Two independent microprocessors and comprehensive hardware self-check features ensure an unprecedented level of controller safety.

In addition the controller offers in-built lamp monitoring sensors to allow a wide range of tungsten halogen, tungsten filament and LED-based signals to be monitored for failure. For UK applications, conflicts or other major failures result in the signals being extinguished in a fail-safe manner.

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