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Philips SportsStar LED Floodlight sets the standard in high quality optical distribution with high performance and low light pollution (or effective light control). From Sports to Area Lighting, our system, including the high masts needed, projects the light exactly where it should be going. Choose the right illumination levels for any given setting with Philips SportsStar LED Floodlight.


  • Fit for both high mast area and sports application
  • Multiple lens covers as much as of customer needs
  • Compatible with systems, including Philips Arenavision system
  • Robust quality and reliability
  • Comply with HDTV broadcasting requirement


  • Both integrated version and remote version
  • Wide range of optics
  • DALI, 1-10V and DMX control interface
  • Salty Spray 1,000hrs
  • Typical lifetime up to 50K hours (L70B50)
  • Flicker free (<1%) performance
Techical Info
Mech. Impact Protection Code IK08
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