Solar Flashing LED Amber

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Solar Flashing LED Amber

Aid in increasing driver, motorist and pedestrian awareness to help them avoid accidents in school zones, pedestrian crossing, and traffic hazard areas. Manufactured using a superior quality material, this LED Amber Flasher is known for their uninterrupted operations, self-generated power, low cost and low maintenance.

Clean & Renewable Solar Energy

Efficient means to provide traffic flasher with no utility lines. They provide cost savings by eliminating the need to trench wires and the recurring cost of power bills after installation. The Solar Flasher systems provide security, sustainability and an overall green image while also increasing the safety for driver, motorist and pedestrian.


  • Self-Contained System
  • Operates on non conventional energy (Solar)
  • No electrical wiring required
  • High quality weatherproof construction for long term durability
  • Shatter Resistant Solar Modules
  • Premium quality solar cells
  • Automatic Dusk/Dawn switching controlled by intelligent micro-controller
  • Super bright Amber LED with minimum 50,000 hours burning life
  • Flashing Rate: 40-60 Flashes/minute
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