SLD4 Loop Detector

General Details

SLD4 Loop Detector

The SLD4 uses the latest inductive loop detection algorithms to provide exceptional detection performance in a wide range of applications. Compliant with TR2512, the detectors interface with all popular traffic control equipment and the automated set-up features ensures optimal performance is always achieved.

The detectors may be powered from either AC or DC supplies. Their low power requirements with operation possible at voltages as low as 10V DC, makes support within battery powered equipment a viable option where needed.

Automated Set Up

In large installations, manual setting of frequency and sensitivity parameters can often be a challenge, and failure to achieve this correctly can cause detectors to ‘chatter’ or otherwise fail to operate correctly.

The SLD4 offers a unique feature where, when fitted in a rack with other SLD4 detectors, all units are able to communicate with each other to automatically set critical parameters. Once all the detectors are fully setup, LEDs on the front of each detector flash in synchronism to signal that auto-setup has been achieved.

Advanced Capabilities

The SLD4 offers an advanced detector version featuring sophisticated length based classification and other special functions including Bus and Tram detection.

Using the configuration tool, outputs can be set to only activate when certain vehicle types are detected, for example large lorries exceeding a predefined speed.

Additionally the SLD4 Advanced Version can be set up to provide bus detection for use in Bus Gate and similar applications and is also able to be configured to provide detection of trams in LRT schemes.


  • Four detection channels with solid state outputs for maximum reliability
  • Fully automated set-up
  • Self-tuning operation
  • High detection accuracy
  • Low power operation
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