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Sivicam is an integrated system consisting of a CMOS camera and an image-processing unit – a combination that enables high-precision vehicle detection. The system can be installed without compromising pavement integrity at the intersection since it operates with “virtual” loops instead of physical ones. Mounted simply onto existing infrastructure components, Sivicam reliably detects all vehicles approaching the intersection or waiting there.

High-Precision Video Detection At Its Best

  • Sivicam operates on the basis of an optical grid of detection zones overlaying the video image
  • Each Sivicam monitors up to 4 such zones, which can be assigned a specific traffic direction
  • Only those vehicles are recorded that move in the direction defined for the zone in question
  • The system reliably detects vehicles on up to 8 lanes
  • Often a single Sivicam is sufficient to monitor the entire approach area to an intersection
  • The wide-angle version has been designed to detect vehicles in the stop bar zone


  • Quick installation and easy configuration and operation
  • Reliable detection around the clock and in any weather
  • Economical solution compared to many other detector systems
  • Tele-camera for the detection of vehicles at distances of 50 m and more
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