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Phoenix 2+

Phoenix 2+ is a dual-camera system for presence detection. It uses processor modules that are designed to European 19” standard and feature 16 switching outputs. Phoenix 2+ is an excellent solution for intersection surveillance and for collecting the data needed for traffic-actuated signal switching.


  • Vehicle presence detection using a dual-camera architecture
  • TCP/IP or USB interface, video live-streaming and remote configuration
  • Connection to any traffic controller
  • Non-volatile data memory
  • Self-test after power-on
  • LED indicators for power, video signals, communications and switching outputs
  • Low overall power consumption


  • Outstanding cost-performance ratio
  • Ease of installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Rack-mounting of processor module in any controller
  • Terminals for convenient connection of power, communications, detector and video inputs/outputs
  • High level of accuracy and reliability as well as especially low power consumption
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