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MLR – Multi-Lane Radar Detector

The new MLR multi-lane radar detector takes traffic-actuated intersection control to a new level of quality. The particularly compact MLR detector provides a whole range of useful data for high-quality traffic-actuated intersection control. Compared to conventional detector systems, the MLR’s additional benefits ensure even more effective traffic control.
  1. The MLR allows the definition of traffic-actuated time gap triggers

    Trucks are often the reason for backlogs forming at intersections. As the MLR is able to distinguish reliably between various vehicle classes, green phases can be extended to give trucks or other predefined vehicle classes enough time to cross. This will harmonize and accelerate the traffic flows at the intersection.

  2. The MLR has a range of up to 120 m in front of the stop line across up to 4 lanes

    The MLR’s extended detection range allows the system to recognize also “stragglers” or widely spaced rows of vehicles and adapt the signal switching times accordingly. Hence more vehicles can pass during each green phase.

  3. The MLR scans up to 16 virtual loops

    The MLR detector does not only have an extensive detection range of 120 m, but is also able to scan up to 16 virtual loops. This ensures that the detector really covers the entire situation even on multi-lane streets.

  4. The MLR can distinguish between passenger cars, trucks and bicycles

    Reliable identification and classification of vehicles and precise calculation of their current speeds allows the system to adapt the green phases exactly to the prevailing traffic situation. This function can also be used to extend the switching times by a certain safety margin.

  5. The MLR helps prevent data overkill

    When configuring the MLR detectors, filters can be set for vehicle classes, speed or direction of travel in order to eliminate superfluous detection events. This allows the traffic engineer to define exactly the data base needed and make sure that the system will not be slowed down by excess data volumes.

  6. The MLR works reliably under any lighting and weather conditions

    No matter if during the day or at night, in dense fog or glaring sunlight – its radar technology makes the MLR detector immune to adverse lighting and weather conditions and keeps it working reliably at all times.

Applications For Intersection Control

  • Stopline detection
  • Remote detection/measurement
  • Precise speed measurement
  • Combination of stopline and remote detection
  • Time gap trigger, also contingent on vehicles class
  • Bicycle detection
  • Length of backlog in front of the stop line
  • “Estimated Time of Arrival”
  • Recording of statistical data

Applications For Traffic Situation Monitoring

  • Occupancy
  • Vehicle speed
  • Vehicle counting and classification (up to 4+1 classes)
  • Detection of backlogs
  • Special functions such as wrong-way driver detection
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