Hi-Flux LED Traffic Signal Aspect

General Details

Hi-Flux LED Traffic Signal Aspect

LEDs are the predominant form of illumination for traffic signal heads, having largely superseded conventional signal lamps.

This technology consumes little power yet delivers superb traffic signaling performance to enhance safety to motorist and pedestrian.

Pascal 300mm Hi-Flux LED traffic signal aspect evenly illuminated lights are reliably seen by road users, even in unfavorable lighting and weather conditions, keeping road users safe all the time. Pascal Hi-Flux Aspects design incorporates built-in SPD and excellent thermal management delivers superior product performance and product longevity when installed in harsh outdoor environment. The aspects is factory sealed for maximum IP reliability.

The product has been designed to use constant current source to maintain consistent light output through voltage fluctuation, ensuring no compromise to the visibility.

Main Features

  • Polycarbonate material with UV protection for signal heads and housing
  • Hi-Flux LED designed for Incandescent look
  • Power Consumption: Red (0.03A, 6.0W), Amber (0.04A, 8.0W), Green (0.04A, 8.0 Watt)
  • Excellent Uniformity
  • Optical Performance: A3/1 M, A2/1 M (Acc. to EN12368)
  • Operating voltage: 195 to 254Vac 50Hz
  • On-Off Time: <50 milliseconds
  • Power Factor: >0.95
  • Ingress Protection: IP65
  • Warranty: Signal Heads (5 Years), Housing (1 Year)

Main Applications

  • Intersection Vehicle Signaling
  • Pedestrian Signaling
  • Warning Signal
  • Other Symbol Signaling
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