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Heimdall offers comprehensive above-ground detection of both vehicles on the road and pedestrians at the roadside. Using advanced radar-based technology, the complete range of detectors offers high performance, simple installation and low on-going maintenance. The detector’s compact form also ensures that unnecessary street clutter is minimised. Heimdall was entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Siemens, providing customers with a simple and cost-effective alternative for vehicle and pedestrian detection.

Low-Cost, High Performance

At the heart of each detector is a technologically-advanced planar radar antenna system and a sophisticated digital signal processing engine. Developed by Siemens, these integrated patented features enable Heimdall to offer excellent pedestrian and vehicle detection, count and occupancy performance as well as good ‘gap’ detection capabilities. Environmental conditions such as sun, shadow, snow and fog also go largely unnoticed when Heimdall is deployed, ensuring reliable detection, whatever the conditions.

Supporting its excellent performance, Heimdall boasts reduced maintenance requirements (a typical concern camera-based systems) as well as simple installation where each unit is supplied pre-configured with standard settings which are suitable for the majority of deployments.


  • Dual lane vehicle approach
  • Single lane vehicle approach
  • Stop line
  • Selectable speed activation
  • Pedestrian on-crossing
  • Pedestrian kerbside (standard & volumetric)
  • MOVA
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