Philips Power Balance RC600B

The first office norm compliant LED solution @115lm/W.






Philips CoreLine LED RC100C

CoreLine LED is a new range of stylish, high output LED luminaires suitable for indoor applications. With its future proof LED platform, it can directly replace a conventional 4x18W fluorescent system. CoreLine LED has an advanced optic design that ensures maximum lighting output and distribution are achieved.

The slim profile design with flexible installation choices of recessed, surface and suspended versions make it ideal for low ceiling voids.




Philips LED Hygeia CR418

Customers operating highly hygienic facilities require, easy-to-clean, dust-free luminaires that meet all lighting requirements and norms. The New Hygeia with a IP40 and compliance to 1,000 – 100,000 class cleanroom makes It a good choice. The new Hygeia CR308 has a streamlined shape that minimizes dust gathering and disturbed airflow. The cleanroom luminaire uses the latest Philips LED Line platform to provide most value for money. This means extremely low operational cost over the total lifetime of the luminaire, and so an excellent financial return on investment.





Philips GreenUp Troffer RC320B

Cost effective design delivering visual comfort.