Philips GreenSpace III

GreenSpace III is a energy and cost efficient LED downlight solution with high system efficacy. It delivers significantly up to 75% more energy savings as compared to conventional compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). The GreenSpace III is a superior solution for retrofitting that delivers quality lighting with a uniform and diffused lighting effect.

It can be used in a wide variety of applications such as general lighting norms for offices, shops and other indoor applications.





Philips LuxSpace III

The highly energy-efficient LuxSpace family makes it possible to achieve extremely low power consumption without sacrificing light quality in general lighting applications.







Philips SmartBright LED Downlight G2

The new generation Philips SmartBright LED Downlight has an integrated driver that is exclusive to Philips. Coupled with an advanced cooling solution and superior optics design, it helps you save energy and provides you with excellent visual comfort. Its sophisticated design tops it off, making this a high-quality lighting solution that offers great value-for-money.