Shihlin Cast Resin Transformer


  • Max. Manufacture voltage & capacity: 36KV & 10MVA.


  • Low Loss:
    • No-load loss: 41% lower than normal type.
    • Load loss: 27% lower than normal type.
  • Efficiency: 99.15% (1500KVA)
  • Save more power: You can save 23KWH per year (compare with normal type). Higher percentage of load you use, more money you save.
  • Noise: 6dB lower than normal type



Shihlin Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer


  • Energy saving.
  • Extraordinary corrugated heat sink.
  • Remarkable fully sealed structure.
  • The tanks painted with weather resistant coating.
  • Simplified device operation.
  • Easy installation.




Shihlin Power Transformer


  • Max. actual performance capacity: 390MVA, Rated capacity: 1000MVA.


  • Technical transfer, self-development and 3D software application.
  • Well-based self-inspection and high-performance sophisticated equipment.
  • Safe and selectable SF6 gas insulation transformer.
  • Reliable product characteristics and advanced analysis skill.